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Less is more...

As a specialist company, we have the ability to try (almost) all the products on the market and to compare them with each other. With this experience, with our own expertise and practical experience we can then put together our best range of products and advise our customers individually.

It is very tempting to have a wide and varied range in order to increase sales, but this makes very little sense in our eyes. We prefer to offer a concise range of goods that cover all the needs of our customers, and above all, we can also supply them immediately. In addition, a special procurement of many brand name products can be made with some delivery time.

In compiling our range, we make sure to include only high quality products from accommodating manufacturers. Only then can we ensure that our customers are satisfied in the long term and that in the event of a complaint, we also ensure that these can be handled in our customers interests quickly and as easily as possible.

As a medium sized business, long term customer satisfaction and our reputation are very important to us. We actually give up on the revenue of some products that are more or less problematic. If we do not offer some items, it does not automatically mean that these products are bad, in many cases it makes no sense to inflate our range of products. However, we recommend that you simply check with us as to why we do not offer certain items. This information could be very helpful in some cases and perhaps save us all a lot of problems.

Our stock has more than 58.000 items, if your order is recieved before 14:00 we can send it the same day, this applies to at least 95% of all orders. Many manufacturers have lead times of several weeks and months some even up to half a year. Unfortunately, it can happen from time to time that we run an article which is out of stock, we then inform our customers of the situation, but we cannot always promise a delivery time and we never make delivery times we cannot meet.

We do not have direct payments at the checkout-process in our shops because it could be that certain items are not available from stock. Therefore you will be notified about the situation, you can then either decide to carry on without the unavailable item or wait until it comes into stock again. Either way, you will not be charged until your order is complete.