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Since its founding in 1997, Squadra Sportiva e.K. has become the global market leader for Alfa Romeo and Fiat tuning. The secret of this success is due to our good and quick service, because only satisfied customers recommend us. Of course we also make mistakes and it sometimes does not always work the way we and our customers would like it to. But we always find in these rare cases a solution to satisfy both our customers & ourselves.


We offer the following services and guarantees:

  • Expert advice from specialists
    All sales staff have first hand experience with all of our products (and many others), they are well trained through seminars and training by the manufacturers, and with this knowledge they can report and advise you from first-hand experience. Every employee of the Squadra Sportiva e.K. also drives privately a Alfa Romeo, Abarth or Fiat. Due to their differing practical knowledge they complement each other perfectly as a team and provide a very broad and deep expertise. This is the advantage that only a specialist can provide: practical experiences and a lot of professional know-how. We are always happy to take the time for a detailed consultation.
  • Fast and professional communication
    Whether it is a request or a complaint our trained staff will answer all the queries within a few hours, within office hours of course!. During the high season it can sometimes take a little longer. Our opening times are Monday to Friday 8.30am until 7.00pm (CET) or by appointment, for instance, on weekends or in the late evening hours. In the high season we can be reached as late as 8pm.
  • Fast delivery times
    Our perfect logistics allows all up until 2.00pm ordered & paid items to be shipped the same day to arrive the next working day at our customers in Germany and Denmark.
    Deliveries to all other EU countries usually need only one more day. Delivery times outside of the EU are dependent on the desired delivery service, in 2-3 days with express, or up to 4 weeks with the most inexpensive method.
    Only billed items are actually available, so we can ensure that we do not receive payments for items that we cannot deliver.
    Through our sophisticated computer with scanner solutions we minimize packaging and address errors.
  • Perfect information flow and manual controls
    Once an order is confirmed, we will check if the ordered items are actually for your specific car and reserve the ordered items for your order. There follows an order confirmation notification that the order has been handed over to the shipping, and of course a shipping notification with an online tracking number of the package.
    Deliveries using a shipping agent will be told of the delivery date (usually made by you), you will be notified by the shipping agent, either per telephone or letter.
  • Professional and swift handling of complaints & warranty claims
    We do not leave our customers out in the cold and offer a speedy and uncomplicated handling of complaints and warranty claims. We can usually, in the case of a warranty claim immediately send a replacement item. This service can only be realized if the required item is in stock.
  • Invoice service
    In general, no invoices are required for warranty or guarantee claims with us, because we have everything stored in our IT. Even if it should be that a bill disappears, we can still send a copy, up to 10 years after purchase, via e-mail free of charge.
  • Certification service
    For all products purchased from us, we offer a perpetual certification service. Should a certificate / ABE have been lost for an item purchased from us, we will send it to you immediately free of charge. If the item was not purchased through us, we charge the sum of 20, - Euro.
  • Order service
    Of course, we also order items that are not in our stock range if you so wish. The delivery time for these items depends on the manufacturers, they usually lay between one and two weeks, provided that manufacturers have the item in stock. Send us a short e-mail or call and we will prepare a free, no obligation quote.
  • Reservation service
    We are happy to reserve items completely free and without obligation for our customers.
  • Storage service
    With over 50,000 products we offer not only a fast delivery, we also like to measure components and give these details to our customers, or we compare different components with each other. Of course, everyone is welcome to come to us and see if the desired item actually fits or passes to his/her car.
  • Test service
    Test drive your desired suspension, disc pads, listen to an exhaust, or hold a rim to the car. All this can be experienced on site in Sierksdorf. While we cannot cover all the items offered on all models, we still offer a lot of test material for extensive testing. It is well worth a visit!
  • Price guarantee
    We are constantly striving to keep our prices at the lowest level. With the variety of items it could be that an item has a slightly higher price. This is where our best price guarantee comes into effect: If another provider has a lower price for an identical item, we will offer the same price as they do. The item must be new and available, shipping will also have to be taken into consideration. Our price guarantee is valid up to 14 days after purchase.
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    We also offer customers beyond the EU a satisfaction guarantee, for EU customers there is the statutory right of revocation within the EU. In addition, we have extensively tested our additional control units and compared them with other products. We will take the device back without any loss in value to you.