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Warranty & Repairs

Even the best brand products can be in some cases defective. If any item purchased from us should be defective, then we will take care of it quickly.
In many cases we can send a replacement on the same day. The item in question is first checked to clarify whether there is still a case for warranty or not. Should the manufacturer aknowledge the fact that it is a manufacturing defect, you will be reimbursed.

Products which have a defect after the guarantee or warranty period, can be repaired or even replacement parts may be suppliable.

In all cases, we ask you to send an email to our sales department, who will then take care of everything promptly.


We pay close attention to the packaging of your items so that they arrive in one piece. Our parcel delivery agents, DHL and DPD and our shipping agents Dachser and Schenker, take great care to make sure that your parcel stays intact. Nevertheless, it can happen in very rare cases that it comes to transport damage.
We have already had impaled boxes, boxes run over by the van or lorry, even having the van stolen with the parcels still inside.

The risk of damage in transit is borne by us, all of our deliveries are sent insured. Should there be any damage or loss, we will of course take care about it as quickly as possible. Important is the time factor, open transport damage must be reported to us immediately, the best thing you could do is to refuse to accept the parcel. Hidden or concealed damage must be reported as soon as possible, at the latest, within 7 days.

In the case of transport damage, we will then clarify the facts, & of course, immediately send you a new package.

Please note that it can take several weeks before we get any confirmation of a lost parcel if it was sent by Post (not DHL Express or forwarder). Until we get the confirmation, we are not able to send a (replacement) parcel, often the Post will find such a lost parcel and dispatch it later. We recommend DHL Express in urgent cases, the price is nearly three times the normal price, but the service and speed are excellent compared with the normal Post.